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Dreams of Gaia Tarot: XII THE HERO

Today card of the day is from The Dreams of Gaia Tarot, this deck arrived this morning and so far I'm liking this deck - it is very different than traditional tarot- I will do a review once I've had it for a bit longer but first impressions are all good. XII. TWELVE OF FIRE:… Continue reading Dreams of Gaia Tarot: XII THE HERO

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Judgement- The Wild Unknown

Firstly if you have the Wild Unknown guide book let us take a look at the keywords, Forgiveness. Simple but powerful. As before I won't be writing up The Wild Unknown guidebook meanings but I will comment on what stands out to me. It mentions that the word Judgement can conjure up feelings of fear… Continue reading Judgement- The Wild Unknown

Tarot, Wild Unknown

The World- The Wild Unknown

Wild Unknown Card meanings The Wild Unknown by Kim Krans, before this arrived I chatted to a few readers/ collectors online and one thing that they all said was this deck was made for intuitive readers. I am an intuitive reader, I do not follow book meanings yet I have a structure to what certain… Continue reading The World- The Wild Unknown

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Card of the Day: The Fool

The Fool to put it simply this card stands for a new beginning, a new start with excitement. Even if there is fear of change this card asks you to feel that fear but to do it anyway! The best word to describe the Fool card would have to be ‘potential’, you’re ready to leave behind the old and embark on a new journey which leads to even more self-knowledge. Be open to all new possibilities, take a leap of faith into the unknown- this new journey in life, be it love, work, travel- it won’t be easy you will have things popping up along the way but these lessons will lead to even more personal growth.