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Judgement- The Wild Unknown

Firstly if you have the Wild Unknown guide book let us take a look at the keywords, Forgiveness. Simple but powerful.

As before I won’t be writing up The Wild Unknown guidebook meanings but I will comment on what stands out to me. It mentions that the word Judgement can conjure up feelings of fear and guilt but then goes on to say this card is about seeking truth. This is where the keyword forgiveness comes into play, to free yourself and or others of Judgement- no more blaming yourself or others to allow freedom back into your life. Lifting the burdens you hold onto to so that you can be reborn.

Now it’s time I sit with the Judgement card and let the images speak to me, I notice the white dove with its wings stretched out- the dove to me is a sign of peace and harmony. There is only black and white on this card. Another thing I notice is the lines going up, I will need to find out more about The Wild Unknown and its lines since each card seems to have lines either going in, down or up and I do feel there is a deep significance for this. If you know please let me know in the comments below. At the bottom of the card we see black birds flying upwards towards the dove, I feel they’re also doves and they are letting go (forgiving) to purify themselves to be able to stretch out their wings and become pure again. I have heard others say they look like bats so I could be wrong, if this is the case perhaps the dove of peace and harmony is showing the light to the bats, that no matter how much dark is around you, you have the ability to let go, forgive yourself and or others to free yourself from the dark?

Now it’s time to add basic tarot knowledge like I did last time with the World card.

Judgement- The Wild Unknown: https://www.thewildunknown.com/


In Astrology Scorpio, Cancer corresponds with the Judgement card (correct me if I’m wrong I’m having a mind blank but that feels right). The Planet that corresponds with the Judgement card is the Pluto this is the planet of transformation and the element is Fire just like the Wands. Wands are action cards: energy, spirituality, inspiration, determination, strength, intuition, creativity, ambition and expansion- All of that good energy for change. Another note Cancer, is linked to The Moon? Will need to check up on that because this would add an aspect of uncertainly to this card or even a bit of ebbs and flows of emotions.

I must say The Wild Unknown makes this card much deeper than I do, when the Judgment card pops up in a read more often than not it will be relating to something from the past which to find what I will look to the other cards. So I’m glad I’m doing this blog series because even as someone who has used Tarot for many years I’m learning and adding to my own knowledge and I do hope it helps you also. Mind you this past thing that comes up is normally something the seeker is guided to heal.

The Judgement card does breathe life back into a past event, to awaken it to allow us to let go on a spiritual level. The Justice card I always see as the karma card, it’s like Judgement is giving you another chance for redemption before we move on to the next phase in life so were not holding on to baggage/ past karma that holds us back from our full potential.

I was sitting here thinking other possibilities, is all that comes back for us to let go of to heal or are things brought back so we can work on unresolved karma and make something work like a relationship for a second time? Or perhaps I’m thinking too much into it, but either way it will be something from the past not something new when this card shows up in a reading.

I think I did this with the World card- card associations, so if I see a card that means new beginnings such as the Fool or the Aces which contradict the Judgement card, I would more like see that something from the past is still affecting the seeker to almost stop new growth or a new beginning from happening. If I was to see Temperance a card of renewal I would see whatever it is from the past, it is the right time to face it. Mind you if I saw Judgement with the Wheel of Fortune, then this would be a karmic cycle that just keeps on going around in a circle and the lesson needs to be learnt or nothing will change! Hmm this has just got me thinking and I have added a note, another series on card combinations.

I’m really enjoying stepping away from the traditional meanings and adding a new modern approach, the Judgement card can be tricky but when you look at the other cards it can become clearer- I think this is why in my own notes in my Tarot journal I have the word ‘Past’, if a card is hard for you then keep it simple and add to it as you go.

Oh, I almost forgot the numbers for the Judgement card are 20, 2 and Master Number 22.

Till next time
Sarah xo

If you have anything to add to this post please let me know down in the comments


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